Job titles for drafters/designers include: Designer, Drafter, Topographer, CAD - Designer, Technician...

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These are people who are working as drafters, designers, or drafter/designers. They may come from technologist backgrounds or be trained as engineers abroad.  Most complete a certificate or diploma program at a post secondary institution like BCIT, SAIT or NAIT.  Often they specialize in one area like Mechanical Design, Structural Design, or Electrical Design.  There are some generalists who do design and drafting for multiple disciplines. 


Aeronautical drafters prepare engineering drawings detailing plans and specifications used in the manufacture of aircraft, missiles, and related parts.


Architectural drafters prepare drawings of buildings and other structures. They may work on just one type of structure, such as residential or commercial. They may also work with just one type of material, such as concrete or steel.


Designs and drafts working layouts and master drawings of automotive vehicle components, assemblies, and systems from specifications, sketches, models, prototype or verbal instructions. Applying knowledge of automotive vehicle design, engineering principles, manufacturing processes and limitations, and conventional and computer drafting techniques and procedures, using drafting instruments and computerized work aids.

Drafting technicians perform some or all of the following duties: Develop and prepare engineering drawings, plans, diagrams or layouts from sketches.  Operate computer-assisted drafting equipment or a conventional drafting station.


Cartography is the art and science of making maps. Topographic mapping is the production of maps and management information systems for: Landowners, Foresters, Researchers, Developers, Authorities or other Organizations. 


Design, drafting, and detailing for a wide range of municipal improvements including streets, sewers, storm water systems, street lighting systems, traffic systems, buildings and other divisions using computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) techniques.  Prepares topographical and site maps and cross-sections from survey notes, aerial surveys, and other sources.


Electrical drafters prepare drawings used for electrical equipment and wiring.  Heat tracing drawings are a subset of electrical drafting.


Electromechanical drafters complete drafting assignments in mechanical, machine, structural, piping, sheet metal, architectural, electrical, electronic, and printed circuit board layout. They become familiar with computer graphic systems and the mechanical and electrical components of a project.


Electronics drafters draw wiring diagrams, circuit board assembly diagrams, schematics, and layout drawings used in the manufacture, installation, and repair of electronic devices and components.


Draw wiring diagrams, circuit board assembly diagrams, schematics, and layout drawings used for manufacture, installation, and repair of electronic equipment.

Interior Design

Interior designers plan and design spaces and furnish interiors.

Interior designers design and furnish the interior of private homes, public buildings, and commercial buildings such as offices or hotels. They may design the inside of boats, planes, or other enclosed spaces.


Mechanical Drafters design and prepare drawings of machinery and components. Their diagrams show the structure of the design from all sides and specify the technical details of the product: exact dimensions, specific materials to be used, and procedures to be followed.


Piping designers and drafters do drawings for process piping for plant sites, refinery projects, chemical processing facilities, etc. Drafting technologists and technicians prepare engineering designs, drawings and related technical information, in multidisciplinary engineering teams or in support of engineers, architects or industrial designers, or they may work independently. They are employed by consulting and construction companies, utility, resource and manufacturing companies, all levels of government and by a wide range of other establishments.


Structural drafters support the work of civil engineers and architects by preparing and producing technical drawings used to build every type of civil engineering or architectural structure. Applying industry standards and regulations, they perform calculations and research prior to creating designs. Their drawings technically explain the details of structures, specify materials to be used and procedures to be taken. Structural drafters will usually write a technical report to accompany the drawings, including cost estimates.


Focuses on the development of techniques for topographic data computation, topographic map preparation and interpretation.  Includes preparation of maps from survey field data, satellite and aerial photography, and techniques for the use of color in topographic presentation.

Drafting/Design is used in a variety of industries including: Aerospace & Auto, Architecture, Civil Infrastructure, Electronics, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Transportation.

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